Ownprint's Policies

Shipping Policy

Ownprint Shipping Policy

At Ownprint, we are committed to delivering your personalized products with care and efficiency. Below is our comprehensive Shipping Policy, designed to provide you with clear information on our shipping processes, costs, and how we handle any issues that may arise during transit.

Shipping Methods, Costs, and Delivery Times

United States (US) Orders:

  • Carrier: USPS
  • Shipping Cost: €6.95 for the first item + €1 for each additional item in the order.
  • Delivery Time: 2-5 business days.

European Union (EU) Orders:

  • Carrier: PostNL
  • Shipping Cost: €6.95 for the first item + €1 for each additional item in the order.
  • Delivery Time: 2-12 business days, depending on the country (see delivery time per country here)

Tracking Information: Once your order is dispatched, you will receive tracking information via email. This information will also be automatically synced to your store's account.

Shipping Restrictions:

While we endeavor to expand our reach, the following is a list of areas to which Ownprint currently does not ship:

  • Canada
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Ukraine
  • Russia
  • All Countries in Africa
  • All Countries in Asia
  • All Countries in the Middle-East

Addressing Delivery Issues

Returned to Sender & Incorrect Addresses:

  • Common Issues: Incorrect or incomplete shipping addresses may lead to items being returned to sender or delivered incorrectly.
  • Resolution: Verify the tracking history for potential issues. If necessary, request a complete shipping address from your customer, including any apartment or unit numbers, and contact our support team with the order's ID for reshipment.

Tracking Updates:

  • US Domestic Shipping: Allow 24-48 hours for tracking numbers to update. If tracking ceases during transit, wait up to 5 business days for additional updates.
  • International Shipping: Tracking may take 5-10 days to begin updating after dispatch. Updates may pause once the item leaves the USA and typically resume within 15 days after clearing customs in the destination country.
  • Action: For US orders with no movement post-shipment, contact our support team within 30 days for investigation. Beyond 30 days, actions are limited.

Changing Shipping Addresses:

  • Policy: Shipping addresses cannot be changed once an item is dispatched. Items sent to the wrong address will likely be returned to sender, and we can arrange reshipment upon return. Ownprint will not cover the cost of such expenses that don't ocurr from our end. If your order is still 'Awaiting payment' or in the 'Design' status, you can still change the shipping address of your order by reaching out to our support team 'support@ownprint.co', make sure you provide our team with an OP order number which can be found in your Ownprint Dashboard.

Our Commitment to You

We are dedicated to providing a transparent and supportive shipping experience. While we aim for perfection in every shipment, we understand that issues can arise. Our team is here to assist through any challenges, ensuring your satisfaction with the Ownprint delivery service.

For further assistance or shipping-related inquiries, please contact our customer support team. Your satisfaction and the safe delivery of your Ownprint products are our top priorities.